Denny Diante
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L toMarvin Morrow and CBSL to R...writtuart Harris, Holl, DD, Kegall, Marvin Morrow and CBS Songs President Mike Stewart Songs President Mike St
L to R...writer Stuart Harris, Holly Dunn, DD, Keith Stegall,Marvin Morrow and
CBS Songs President Mike Stewart
First project when joining CBS Records was to assist Mike Stewart in the change over from April-Blackwood Music
into CBS SONGS. Photo is from corp.meetings in the Nashville offices(circa early 80's) that were run by the famous
Charlie Monk. This great team of writers, whom all turned out to be huge hit writers, major recording artists and
one very successful producer and record exec. My time at CBS Songs was so memorable working with Nashville,
NY and LA...big hits and big friendships. I miss Mike very much having worked for him at United Artists Records.


Mark Isler radio KRLA...DD...Leslie Cours Mather..unidentified...Jerry Heller....Jerry Wolff...
Promoting Leslie's first chart single "Countrified."



1984 Columbia Records Convention ,Honolulu Hawaii
Best A&R dept. When A&R ruled.
L-R..Rick Chertoff, Joe McKuen, David Kahne, DD and Howard Thompson.
Not in picture: our leader Mickey Eichner, Don DeVito, Ron Oberman, Mike Dilbeck and Peter Philbin.
The Japanese have spoken. What a list.
My first band: Johnny and the House Rockers at 16 years old.
Engineer Ben Fowler and DD at Blackbird Studios, Nashville mixing Leslie Cours Mather project.
Leslie Cours Mather Recording session, Blackbird Studios, Nashville Tn. October 2014
L-R..Shannon Forrest, Dan Dugmore, Denny Diante, Glenn Worf, Vickie Hampton, Brent Mason,
Gordon Mote(seated) Kim Keyes, Leslie Cours Mather, Biff Watson, Buddy Hyatt ll, Ben Fowler

Denny Diante and BB King
Denny and B.B. King
Denny and  Barbra
Denny and Barbra Streisand
B.B. King, Robert Cray and John Lee Hooker
back row...Denny Diante, Andy McKaie and Dennis Walker
Denny Diante, Bobby Brown, Antonina Armato, Glenn Mederios, and Ian Prince
Denny and the Cornels at the Hermosa West Surf Club, Calif
Denny in the studio with Jerry Lee Lewis and TG Sheppard
Denny in the studio with Jerry Lee Lewis and TG Sheppard

Glenn Mederios, DD and Johnny Mathis at Johnny's 50th year record anniversary celebration.
At Conway studios with Johnny Mathis doing vocal on "It's Beginning to Look a Lot like
Christmas" which is the #10 biggest Xmas hit.
from left...Sid Selvidge,Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love of the Memphis Horns, Andy McKaie, Mabon 'teenie'
Hodges (Al Green guitar) and engineer Juddy Phillips (Sam's Phillips nephew) Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tenn.
In Moscow, Russia, after recording date with Russian super group "NaNa".
DD and Narada Michael Walden, after Al Green vocal at Narada's studio, San Raphael, Calif.
Jim O'keefe of the Cornells...Patty Morrow of the Mouseketeers...Steve Jahn...singer..
.and DD during my folk group period...appearing at the Coconut Grove, LA.
Bill Withers...doing a video shoot of "Oh Yeah" and "Watching ME,Watching You" somewhere in New Jersey.
Still Bill was amazing to produce.
Michel Colombier and I with the London Symphony at CTS Studios Wembley, England.
Off camera is Larry Carlton and Jaco Pastorious. The Chrysalis album.
Glenn Mederios,DD, and Bobby Brown after mix of #1 record and most played record of the year
"She Ain't Worth it" at Conway Studios LA.
Fantasy Studios, Oakland Calif. BB King laughing as I'm telling John Lee Hooker to keep playing as
he thought the track was over...the quintessential blues recording of "You Shook Me"
Gold Record Presentation of 'BACK TO THE BOARDS' at Jerry Cole's Life Celebration.
Gale Cole and DD (producer) with members of the Fireballs.